Qinghai No.1 CNC Machine Tools Co., Ltd.

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Responsible person: Zhang Yiyong


Tel: 086-971-7728040

E-Mail : qyjzyy@163.com

Address:  No. 493 Chaidamu Road Xining City in Qinghai province PRC(China)



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Enterprise overview

Qinghai No.1 CNC Machine Tool Co.,Ltd. is located in the North District of Xining city Qinghai   province  in 1965, the Northeast inland enterprises, in 2001 by the Qinghai No.1 machine tool plant good assets and personnel after the reorganization and become Qinghai Huading industrial Limited by Share Ltd(stock code 600243) subsidiary company. The company has assets of RMB2.51Billion yuan , more than 700 employees; product numerical control ratereached more than 98%.

 Qinghai No.1 CNC Machine Tool Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of NC machine tool set research, design and development, manufacturing,sales, technical services as one of the company. The company has established asales and service network in China, convenient and quick to provide professional technical advice and perfect after-sales service, the company has professional and technical personnel more than machine / electricaldesign and hundreds of high-quality staff, through continuous improvement,always grasp the high-end CNC machine bed the high-end core technology of precision, manufacturing process and product quality control, help with our professional service to create higher value for customers.

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